Xingping town most beautiful place in the world ?

Xingping / 兴平.

Xinping town,yangshuo county located at the bank of Yangshuo li river is a photography and nature lovers paradise as it offers different hikes and amazing viewpoints as laozhai mountain and li river bend viewpoint all in walking distance from Xingping village.Xingping ancient town also offers architecture / houses dated back the the Ming and Qing dynasty.During the daytime Xingping village can get very busy as most people pass in xingping town for the li river cruise to fishing village or bamboo rafts to Yangdi.For us the beauty of xingping reveals itself after 5  when most of the tourists left and Xingping town becomes a quit and relaxed village again.Go for sunset at laozhai mountain or li river bend viewpoint.Have a walk at the li river bank to the 20 RMB viewpoint ( Xingping li river with cormorant fisherman is featured on china 20 RMB banknote ) also on the way to the viewpoint have a look at the cormorants fishing.Another advantage Xianggong mountain is easier to get to from Xingping town then Yangshuo.Please keep in mind Xingping town doesnt have a A.T.M for foreign visa cards or bank cards.The nearest A.T.M would be in Fuli town and takes +/- 30 minutes from xingping.The bus that goes from Xingping to Yangshuo stops in Fuli town.

xingping village




Xingping scenic area and viewpoints : 

Laozhai mountain : 

Entrance fee : Free

Level : medium/hard

Best time to go : sunrise,daytime and sunset.

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laozhai hill at the li river

Li river bend :   

Entrance fee : Free

Level : easy / medium

Best time to go : daytime and sunset.

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li river bend

20 RMB viewpoint at the li river : 

20 rmb viewpoint

20 rmb viewpoint

Pagoda at foothill of laozhai mountain : 

yangshuo pagoda

 li river

Sunset from Old place hostel rooftop : 

laozhai mountain

Xingping : Things to Do. 

Li river crossing at Xingping town :

li river crossing

Li river cruise to fishing village : 

As we recommend not taking the li river cruise in the daytime,get one of the last ones around sunset.No more hordes of tourists as most left at 5 and epic views on the li river in a very calm,peacefull way during sunset.Also a very pleasant thing to do for families with kids.

li river cruise

Bamboo raft to Yangdi :

The most beautiful part of the li river would be between Yangdi and Xingping.Get a bamboo raft from xingping to Yangdi and back ( Takes around +/- 1,5 hr ) .Try to get a bamboo raft early morning or around sunset.Less crowded and epic views on the li river.

bamboo raft on the li river

Cormorant fisherman :

Fishing with cormorants,the end of the cormorant fisherman - series

cormorant fisherman

Xingping Hiking :

Xingping scenic area offers hikes of all levels to different viewpoints : 

Shawan viewpoint : 

yangshuo li river

Damian mountain : 

yangshuo mountains

Xianggong mountain :

xianggong mountain

Xingping Lotus cave : 

Xingping lotus cave offers unique round shaped stalactites and stalagmites shaped like a lotus flower.Lotus cave is located on the main street to Yangshuo train station ( located in xingping,yangshuo county).Caves are perfect to cool down during summer months.

lotus cave


Sunrise at laozhai mountain and sunset at li river bend viewpoint :

Definely one of the highlights to do in Xingping catch sunrise at laozhai mountain and sunset at li river bend.


Whats Xingping weather like ? - Best time to visit Xingping :

Spring : Warm and humid.Spring would be from march to May.Temperature goes from 10 degrees to 25 degrees.

Summer : Hot and humid.Summer would be from June to August.Temperature goes to an average of +/- 30 degrees

Autumn : Warm and dry.Autumn is from september to november.The rice fields become golden around october and very pleasant weather during the daytime around 20 degrees and a big drop at night in temperature.

Winter : cold and wet.Winter would be from december to february.Very cold during those months.

Xingping hotel,where to stay ?

The Xingping hotels that we recommend are :

That old place youth hostel : 

Nirvana organic farm inn : 

Xingping our inn : 

Xingping nightlife and bars : 

As Xingping is a small village compared to Yangshuo.Bars are quite limited.That old place youth hostel have a nice rooftop space/bar with a view on laozhai mountain and the li river where is very nice to watch sunset with a cold drink.Xingping old street offers different restaurants,be aware during low season restaurants close very early.

Xingping : How to get there. 

Yangshuo train station

 The nearest train station would be Yangshuo train station located in Xingping,Yangshuo county.It takes +/- 20 minutes to Xingping town by express bus from Yangshuo train station and costs 10 RMB.

Please note: Xingping train station doesnt exist,its called Yangshuo train station located in Xingping,Yangshuo county

The nearest airport would be Guilin international airport and it would takes from Xingping to Guilin airport

From Guilin to Xingping by train : 

Get the high speed train from Guilin train station to Yangshuo train station.Once arrived at Yangshuo train station you can get a express bus to xingping village.Get the express ticket at the ticket booth costs 10 RMB and takes +/- 20 min to Xingping town.

From Yangshuo to Xingping by bus : 

Every 10 minutes there is a bus leaving from Yangshuo bus station to Xingping village.Buy a ticket on the bus ,it costs 10 RMB p/p and takes 45 minutes to Xingping village.Please keep in mind during the summer months the last bus from xingping to yangshuo leaves at 19 h

From Yangshuo to Xingping by scooter : 

Rent a electric or gasoline scooter at Yangshuo.If youre planning to drive from Yangshuo to Xingping and not further explore Xingping scenic area a electric scooter would be the best choice otherwise a gasoline scooter would be better.Electric scooter would be 60-80RMB and gasoline 80/100 RMB.Yangshuo to Xingping would be 1hr by scooter.Leave Yangshuo after passing Yangshuo bridge,keep following the road untill you get to Fuli town.Turn left before the gas station and keep following the road untill you get to Xingping.

From Yangshuo to Xingping by taxi : 

Taxi from Yangshuo to Xingping would be 120 - 160 RMB one way.

Conclusion :

Xingping town the best place in China ?

We let you decide that.Definely one of the most beautiful places in the world and worth a visit when travelling to China.We would recommend a 3 day stay.If you would ask us whats our favourite between Guilin,Yangshuo or Xingping.We like all of them for different reasons,but Xingping would be our favourite then.ENJOY

 Have you ever been to Xingping or would love to go ?

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