Guilin travel: the complete guide to Guilin in China

Guilin / 桂林.

city of guilin

Ni Hao ( pronounced "nee haow" ) .你好

 The basic greeting in Chinese,referres to are you Well / Good.

Where is Guilin in China?

Guilin in china is located in south china guangxi province,situated on the guilin li river bank .Guilin population would be around 4.8 million people.Guilin means "Forest of Sweet Osmanthus, due to the large amount of fragrant sweet osmanthus trees located in the area.

Why travel to Guilin in China ?

Guilin in china has been renowned for its beautiful guilin karst mountains combined with lakes,Guilin li river and traditional architecture.Most people vist the city of Guilin on the way to Longji rice terraces.Yes,if youre plannig to visit Longji rice terraces.The easiest way would be from the city of guilin.

How to pronounce Guilin ?

Guilin or Gui lin.It would make things easier to be understood by chinese people and locals to pronounce Guilin in 2 parts so Gui lin and not Guilin



Mountains of Guilin: guilin karst mountains viewpoints.

Guilin karst mountains meets city of guilin/architecture views.A selection of Guilin karst mountains viewpoints

Diecai hill.

Deicai hill offers epic views on the City of guilin and Guilin karst mountains combined with nearby Rong lake pagoda.Rong lake is part of the 2 rivers and four lakes tour.Deicai hill is one of the best viewpoints in the city of guilin to watch/capture sunset.


Rong lake at deicai hill

Solitary beauty peak : 


Guilin tourists attractions and Things to Do in Guilin

2 rivers and four lakes tour

medicinal market and opera

Guilin sun and moon pagodas

Guilin caves : Reed flute cave and Crown cave.

Reed flute cave : 

reed flute cave

Crown cave : 

Guilin rice noodles or Guilin mifen :

When travel to Guilin a must eat would be Guilin rice noodles

guilin rice noodles

Daxu old town (大圩古镇).

Daxu old town is located 23 km southeast of Guilin city

daxu old town

Guilin sun and moon pagoda : 

guilin sun and moon pagoda

yangshuo wall art

Guilin travel, best time to visit the city of Guilin.

Spring : Warm and humid.Spring would be from march to May.Temperature goes from 10 degrees to 25 degrees.

Summer : Hot and humid.Summer would be from June to August.Temperature goes to an average of +/- 30 degrees

Autumn : Warm and dry.Autumn is from september to november.The rice fields become golden around october and very pleasant weather during the daytime around 20 degrees and a big drop at night in temperature.

Winter : cold and wet.Winter would be december to february.Very cold during those months.

Guilin hotel,where to stay ?

Our recommended Guilin hotels are : 

Guilin Shangri - la hotel

Guilin this old place international youth hostel

Riverside Inn Guilin central

Guilin nightlife and bars : 

 guilin walking street

Guilin travel,how to get there ?

The city of guilin has 3 different train station :

Guilin train station located in the city center.

guilin train station

Guilin Bei (north) train station.

guilin north station railway

Guilin Xi (west) train station.

Nearest airport would be Guilin airport.

Guilin Liangjiang international airport would be the nearest airport and its located 18 km from guilin airport to guilin city and takes 25 minutes

Guilin travel itinerary.


Guilin in china,most beautiful city in the world ?

We let you decide that.Guilin city is definely one of the most beautiful places in the world and worth a visit when travelling to China.We would recommend a 1/2 days stay.One of the reasons we like Guilin combines karst mountain views with traditional architecture and city views.ENJOY

Would you like to visit Guilin in china or have visited Guilin city ?.ANY questions or help,please let us know in the comments below.

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