Longsheng Longji rice terraces: The COMPLETE guide

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Where are the longji rice terraces.

Longsheng Rice Terraces also referred as the Longji Terraced Fields or Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are located in long sheng county and consist of 3 main parts of ping'an village,dazhai village and longji traditional village.The villages are habited by yao people and zhong people.Longji rice terraces from guilin would take +/- 95 km and 2,5 hr drive by private car.

Why travel to longji rice terraces.

Longshen rice terraces are a master piece of china rice terraces and agriculture design,traditional wooden architecture and chinese minority people as zhong that live in pingan village and and yao people in dazhai.Some local guilin people even call it guilin rice terraces as the beauty of the guilin karst mountains got extented to the longji terraced fields.Every year in the beginning of june there is a festival called Shuyang festival when the rice fields at pingan village get decorated with alot of small tea lights.During the day you can watch the locals put these small tea lights one by one.To finish the festival day with firework.Highly recommended!

longji rice terraces festival

Yao people and Zhuang people.

Yao people.

Yao women of the Longji rice terraces are noted for their long hair combined with red clothes.The yao women must have some of the longest hair in the world! Local tradition says that local yao women only cut their hair once when turning 18.Local yao women at the longji rice terraces have hair longer than 1 meter.Yao people live in dazhai village.YAO PEOPLE PHOTO SERIES

yao people

yao people

Zhuang people.

Zhuang people is a small chinese minority group that consists of four families that lives at Zhuang ancient traditional village and at pingan village and are recognizable from the white blouse and flowery design on the hat.

zhong people

Longji rice terraces best time to visit.

The best time to visit the longji rice terraces would be in spring and autumn.In spring the rice terraces are filled with water and offers mirror like reflections.A feast to the eye.During autumn the longji rice terraces become golden.After autumn the fields become empty and brownish empty untill april.Longji rice terraces in winter wouldnt be the best time to visit

Longji rice terraces in september.

From the end of september untill early october the longsheng rice fields become golden.

longji rice terraces in october

longji rice terraces in october.

From mid of october untill the middle of april you will see brown empty fields.

Longji rice terraces november.

brown empty fields

Longji rice terraces in december.

brown empty fields or if you are very lucky snow

Longji rice terraces in march.

brown empty fields

Longji rice terraces april.

From the middle of april untill the middle of June the rice terraces are filled with water and offer mirror like reflections.

longsheng rice terraces

Longji rice terraces in june.

From he middle of june untill the middle of september the longji rice fields are growing and becomes green.

pingan village


Ping'an village or dazhai village rice terraces.

The Longji Rice Terraces have 2 main parts of terraced fields, Ping’an Zhuang Village Terraced Fields and Jinkeng Red Yao Terraced Fields.Jinkeng Red Yao Terraced Fields consists of tiantou and dazhai village as the main villages in the area.Each village is home to its own minority group. Ping’an is habited by Zhuang people while Jinkeng ( tiantou and dazhai village) is habited by Yao people.

Ping'an rice terraces.

Pingan area consists of two villages dazhai and zhuang ancient village.Pingan is not that big and less terraced fields compared to dazhai village and offers a few viewpoints in dazhai village and hike to zhuang ancient village and takes +/- 1 hr one way.On the other side pingan got the best viewpoint for sunset.Pingan rice terraces viewpoints would be.

Seven stars accompany the moon (七星伴月) viewpoint.Best viewed during daytime

ping'an village

Nine dragons and five tigers 九龙五虎)  viewpoint.The best viewpoint for sunset in the longji rice terraces area.

pingan rice terraces

Dazhai rice terraces.

Dazhai offers epic views on longji terraced fields.The main difference with pingan about the rice terraces is that dazhai offers 360 views on the rice terraces as in pingan you only a side of the mountain with terraced fields.Dazhai offers alot more hiking options to different viewpoints in the area the pingan.Also the best sunset spot is at dazhai tiantou and cable car available.Dazhai viewpoints would be.

West hill music.(Xishan Shaoyue 西山韶乐).

The large scale thousand layers terrace.(大界天层天梯).

Golden buddah peak.

Ping'an or dazhai,which is better.

Better depends on what you want,if youre an outdoor person that likes to hike alot dazhai and tiantou offer alot of hiking and offers panoramic views on the rice terraced fields.Dazhai you can explore in a more relaxed way as pingan isnt that big as dazhai.Why choose when you can have both.


Longji rice terraces map.

Longji rice terraces festivals.

Longji Terraced Fields Plowing Festival

How long should you spend at longji rice terraces.

4 days would be the recommended time to spend at the longji rice terraces.On a 4 day trip you can easily explore dazhai and pingan village without beeing in a rush and allow yourself to experience the beauty of the longji rice terraces in a relaxed way.

Longsheng rice terraces tour and recommended itinerary.

Try to leave from Guilin,as the city of guilin is much closer to longsheng rice terraces then yangshuo.

Day 1.Get a private car or local bus to dazhai village.

Day 1 afternoon and day 2.Spend the afternoon of the 1st day and 2th day in dazhai village and explore the area with different hikes to different viewpoints.Catch sunrise on the 2nd day from dazhai sunrise viewpoint.

Day 3.Hike from dazhai to pingan village on the 3rd day.(+/- 3-5 hr one way ).Hike/explore pingan village and longji traditional village on the 3rd day afternoon and catch sunset at pingan village sunset viewpoint.

Day 4.Leave on the 4 day.Next

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Hiking Longji rice terraces.

For the more adventurous / outdoor people longji terraced fields offers different hikes for all levels.The 2 most famous would be.

Ping'an to longji traditional village.About 1 hour / one way.

hiking longji rice terraces

Dazhai village to ping'an.3-5 hours / one way.Depends on your fitness level.


Longji rice terraces accommodation,hotel and hostel.

A selection of longji rice terraces accommodation.

Longji rice terraces hotel.

ping'an village.

Baike boutique hotel

Longji vita hotel

dazhai village.


Longji rice terraces hostel.

Longji rice terraces Ping'an hostel.

Longji International Youth Hostel.

Ping’an Travelling With Hostel.

Longji rice terraces Dazhai hostel.

Dazhai Dragon’s Den Hostel.

Salad Days Hostel.

Longji rice terraces from Guilin.

How to get to longji rice terraces from guilin.The different options would be.

Longji rice terraces from guilin by private car.

The most convenient and comfortable way to get to longji rice terraces from guilin would be with a private car.You can hire a driver from your hostel or hotel.The price would be +/- 600 rmb two ways for 4 people.

Tourist bus from guilin to longji rice terraces.

Order your ticket from your Guilin hotel.The bus ride from the city of Guilin to Ping’an Village takes 2 hours, while the ride from Guilin to Dazhai Village takes 2.5 hours.The bus would be 50 rmb.

Bus from guilin to longji rice terraces.

Another way is to take the local bus from Guilin Qintan Bus Station
(桂林琴谭客运站) to longsheng and then get the longsheng to Ping'an Parking Lot (平安停车场) bus.As it demands to transfer a bus it wouldnt be the easiest way to travel to longsheng rice terraces

Guilin airport to longji rice terrace.

Guilin airport to longji rice terrace would take 90 -120 minutes and costs +/-300 rmb.The most convenient way is to book to transfer from your longji rice terraces hotel also for the luggage it would be the easiest way.there are local ladys avaialble to help carry your luggage at a reasonable price.

Longji rice terraces from yangshuo.

longji rice terraces from yangshuo by private car.

The most convenient and comfortable way from yangshuo to longji rice terraces would be with a private car.You can hire a driver from your hostel or hotel.The price would be +/- 800 rmb two ways for 4 people.

longji rice terraces from yangshuo by tourist bus.

Twice a day there is a bus leaving from yangshuo to longji rice terraces.Get the bus at yangshuo bus station.Book your ticket in advance.This bus goes to dazhai.Ticket price 40 rmb p/p one way.

Longji rice terraces conclusion.

Longji rice terraces are a beautiful example of  china terraced rice fields and worth a visit when visiting guilin karst mountains.


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