Xianggong hill Yangshuo

 Xianggong hill  / 相公山

xianggong mountain

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Xianggong hill or Xianggong mountain is located at the yangshuo li river and offers amazing views for sunrise.Xianggong hill yangshuo isthe most visited viewpoint for sunrise due to very well maintenance and safety.When hiking up for sunrise the path is enlit and stairs are provided with handrails on both sides.Xianggong mountain also have a sanitary space at the entrance and on top of the mountain.The one at the entrance is the most clean.We also recommend Xianggong hill as a  reference to check your fitness level.Xianggong hill would be one of the easiest viewpoint to get to the top,it would take +/- 20 minutes to get to the top.

Please be aware during weekends and public holidays Xianggong hill can get very crowded.Try to avoid the weekend and public holiday if youre up to visit Xianggong hill for sunrise.ENJOY



Xianggong hill : facts and advice

Location : Xianggong hill is located in Yangshuo county.Its 28 km from Yangshuo city and takes +/- 1 hr to get there.

Open hours : 24 hrs

Entrance fee : 60 RMB

Level : Easy /medium.

Best time to go : sunrise,daytime,sunset and night ( startrails and milky way )

Recommended gear : decent shoes,water and flashlight

Toilet available : Yes at the bottom and on top.

Snacks / drinks available : Yes

xianggong mountain stairs

Xianggong hill sunrise series :

xianggong mountain

xianggong mountain

xianggong mountain

xianggong mountain

xianggong mountain at the li riverXianggong hill daytime / sunset :

xianggong mountain


Xianggong hill,best time to visit ?

Spring : Warm and humid weather.Spring would be from march to May.Temperature goes from 10 degrees to 25 degrees.

Summer : Hot and humid.Summer would be from June to August.Temperature goes to an average of +/- 30 degrees

Autumn : Warm and dry.Autumn is from september to november.The rice fields become golden around october and very pleasant weather during the daytime around 20 degrees and a big drop at night in temperature.

Winter : cold and wet.Winter would be from december to february.Very cold during those months

Xianggong mountain,how to get to from Yangshuo?

Xianggong hill from Yangshuo by public transportation

There is no public transportation from Yangshuo to Xianggong hill.

Xianggong hill from Yangshuo by bicycle.

Its possible to cycle from Yangshuo to xianggong mountain,but we wouldnt recommend it as it would takes hours and not easy to find the right direction.

Xianggong hill from Yangshuo by scooter (electric or gasoline).

Another choice is  to rent a scooter to go to Xianggong mountain and pass at tea plantation.It takes +/- 2 hr to get to Xianggong HILL

Xianggong hill from Yangshuo by private car.

Would be the most relaxed,no worries way when youre staying in Yangshuo.A private car 2 ways would be +/- 400 rmb

Xianggong mountain,how to get to from Xingping town?

Another advantage from xinping town,xianggong hill is in walking distance from Xingping town.

Xianggong hill from Xingping by bicycle or hiking

A very good choice would be to hike or cycle from Xingping town to Xianggong hill.The route from Xingping town combines the li river,nature and small villages in a very relaxed way as most tourists doesnt know about this hiking trail.Cycling would take +/- 1 hr and hiking +/- 2 hr,one way.

Xianggong mountain,how to get to from Guilin city?

Xianggong hill from Guilin city by private car.

The most recommended way to get to Xianggong mountain from Guilin city would be by private car.

Conclusion : 

Xianggong hill offers epic views on Yangshuo li river,easy to get to and easy/ medium to get to the top,combined with well maintained stairs with railing on both side.The perfect choice for sunrise.

Have your ever visited Xianggong hill or would you like to.Any question,please let us know in the comments.

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