Xingping Li river bend at Xingping town

Xingping Li river bend  / 漓江

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Xingping Li river bend is a viewpoint in xingping town located at the li river and offers epic views on xingping town and xingping li river.As this viewpoint is not very well known for tourists.Li river bend offers a different view then laozhai mountain but no crowd at all and very easy acces to.Most of the time you go the place for yourself.

li river


Li river bend viewpoint : facts and advice : 

Location : Xingping village,Yangshuo county

Entrance fee : free

Level : Easy / medium

Best time to go : daytime,sunset

Recommended gear : decent shoes,water and flashlight

Toilet available : No

Snacks / drinks available : No


Li river bend series :

Dramatic clouds at the li river

li river bend

 Photographer the li river bend

li river

Li river bend : Best time to visit ?.

Spring : Warm and humid weather.Spring would be from march to May.Temperature goes from 10 degrees to 25 degrees.

Summer : Hot and humid.Summer would be from June to August.Temperature goes to an average of +/- 30 degrees

Autumn : Warm and dry.Autumn is from september to november.The rice fields become golden around october and very pleasant weather during the daytime around 20 degrees and a big drop at night in temperature.

Winter : cold and wet.Winter would be from december to february.Very cold during those months

Li river bend : How to get there.

Li river bend is located in Xingping town or Xingping village and takes about 45 min by bus from Yangshuo bus station and costs 10 RMB.You can buy the ticket on the bus.

 From Guilin,you can take the high speed train to Yangshuo high speed station that is located in Xingping and takes +/- 20 minutes.From the train station you can get a bus to xingping village and takes +/- 15 min and costs 15 RMB.Get the ticket at the Yangshuo train station.

Conclusion : 

Li river bend is one of the best viewpoints in the Yangshuo county area.Combined with loazhai mountain a must do when visiting Xinping and FREE entrance

Did you ever visited Xingping or would you like to ?

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