Yangshuo park and Yangshuo park pagoda

Yangshuo park is located in the city centre of Yangshuo and offer a glimpse of Yangshuo locals daily.Local people playing majhong and practicing tai chi or group dancing.Another reason people like to spend time in the park to hide from very hot /humid weather during summer.
Yangshuo park pagoda offers very nice views on Yangshuo city during daytime and evening.A easy hike will take you to Yangshuo park pagoda.
yangshuo park


Yangshuo park pagoda : facts and advice : 

Location : Yangshuo town,Yangshuo county.

Entrance fee : free

Level : Easy 

Best time to go : daytime,sunset,evening/night

Recommended gear : decent shoes,water and flashlight

Toilet available : No

Snacks / drinks available : No

 Yangshuo park and Yangshuo park pagoda series :

yangshuo park

yangshuo park

yangshuo park

yangshuo park

yangshuo park

Yangshuo park : Best time to visit ?.

Yangshuo park can visited all day.From early morning sunrise to late night shots.Looking for a place to hide from Yangshuo summer heat,yangshuo park is the place to be.

Spring : Warm and humid weather.Spring would be from march to May.Temperature goes from 10 degrees to 25 degrees.

Summer : Hot and humid.Summer would be from June to August.Temperature goes to an average of +/- 30 degrees

Autumn : Warm and dry.Autumn is from september to november.Pleasant weather during the daytime around 20 degrees and a big drop at night in temperature.

Winter : cold and wet.Winter would be from december to february.Very cold during those months

Yangshuo Park : How to get there.

Yangshuo park is located at the city centre of yangshuo.Yangshuo park pagoda can between be seen from all over Yangshuo centre.An easy place to get to experience local yangshuo culture.

Recommended Day trip :

- Xianggong mountain for sunrise

- Cycle at yulong river during the afternoon.

- Yangshuo park pagoda for sunset / evening

- Yangshuo west street  + Yangshuo rooftop bars

Conclusion :

When visiting Yangshuo Yangshuo park and Yangshuo park pagoda are very much recommened to visit.Catch sunset from Yangshuo park pagoda and experience local Yangshuo culture during the daytime / evening

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