Yangshuo travel: the complete guide to Yangshuo in China

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What everybody wants to know about Yangshuo / 阳朔




Ni Hao (pronounced "nee haow") .你好

 The basic greeting in Chinese and referres to are you Well or Good.

Where is Yangshuo in China?

Yangshuo in China is located in yangshuo county,south china Guangxi province and Yangshuo population is around 3 million people.However Yangshuo has around 500 foreigner locals working and living in Yangshuo. Yangshuo limestone mountains are unique and have inspired painters and artists for centuries. Nowadays Yangshuo village or maybe we could call it Yangshuo city and attracts more than 1,5 million visitors per year from the motherland and abroad. Hoping to catch a glimpse from the sea of clouds sunrise at Xianggong mountain, bamboo raft at the Li river and cycling at the Yulong River. Spend late afternoon at Yangshuo park to experience local culture or go to Yangshuo li river to catch a glimpse of cormorants fishing.Taste local specialties as beer fish or spicy eggplant during the evening at  Yangshuo west street / Xi Jie and have a drink at Yangshuo rooftop bars.

Why travel to Yangshuo in china ?

Yangshuo in china provides epic karst mountain,the main reason people travel to Yangshuo hoping to catch a glimpse from the sea of clouds sunrise at Xianggong mountain, bamboo raft at the Li river or cycling at the Yulong River. Spend late afternoon at Yangshuo park to experience local culture or go to Yangshuo li river to catch a glimpse of cormorants fishing.Taste local specialties as beer fish or spicy eggplant during the evening at  Yangshuo west street / Xi Jie and have a drink at Yangshuo rooftop bars.


How to pronounce Yangshuo ?

Yangshuo or Yang shuo..It would make things easier to be understood by Chinese people and locals to pronounce Yangshuo in 2 parts so Yang Shuo and not Yangshuo.

Yangshuo or Guilin.

the question we get asked alot Yangshuo or the city of guilin.Our advice would if you could visit both and have enough time you should visit them both.If you didnt had the time to visit Guilin or Yangshuo,the main question would be do you wanna visit longji rice terraces or not.If you would like leave from Guilin otherwise go directly to Yangshuo


Map of Yangshuo China.

Yangshuo map of the city center.

yangshuo map

Yangshuo limestone mountains viewpoints.

Yangshuo town offers a wide variety of different viewpoints on Yangshuo pretty mountains during sunrise,daytime and sunset.Where can i can catch the milky way or where can i get a get a clear view of the stars or a great view for sunrise or sunset.We got you covered

The full list of Yangshuo,Xinping viewpoints.Click on the title for the full blog post ,best pictures of this viewpoint and how to get there.

Top 3 places for sunrise in Yangshuo.

Top 3 places for sunset in Yangshuo.

Xianggong hill Yangshuo.

The most famous viewpoint in the yangshuo county area to catch sunrise.Well maintained and easy to hike up.READ MORE.


Laozhai mountain.

Laozhai mountain offers epic views on the xingping li river and xingping town as laozhai mountain has 2 different viewpoints.One oriented to the east and one to the west.READ MORE


Xingping Li river bend.

 Xingping Li river bend is a viewpoint in xingping town located at the li river and offers epic views on xingping town and xingping li river.READ MORE

yangshuo li river

Damianshan or Damian hill Xingping village,Yangshuo county : 

Read the whole blog post here : 

Entrance fee : Free

Level : Hard

Best time to go : sunrise and daytime

Putao rice fields Yangshuo.

Putao town offers epic views on the rice fields during spring when the rice fields are transformed in mirrors during sunset.Another great thing about Putao town is the stone village (Shitoucheng ).READ MORE

YangshUO China

Cuiping Yangshuo China.

Cuiping yangshuo offers epic views at sunset on yangshuo beautiful mountains and one of the best views for sunset in yangshuo county.READ MORE.

Yangshuo park and Yangshuo park pagoda.

Yangshuo park pagoda offers epic views during sunrise,daytime and sunset and very easy to get to.READ MORE. 

 Yangshuo moon hill.




Things to Do in Yangshuo and attractions

What to do in Yangshuo as Yangshuo offers a wide variety of activities.A list with Yangshuo things to do.

Yangshuo climbing.

Yangshuo must be the most famous destination in China for rock climbing.From beginners to expert routes.Definely a thing to try for the more adventurous people.


Cycling at Yulong river

Yulong river has amazing cycling paths next to the river,very easy acces from the town of Yangshuo.Must be one of the highlights when you visit Yangshuo.


Yangshuo Li river bamboo raft or Yulong river bamboo raft.

Yulong river

The main difference between Bamboo raft at Yulong river or Yangshuo Li river is that the bamboo raft on Yulong river is beeing pushed slowly with a bamboo stick by a man that joins you on the raft.Very quiet and peacefull.Max of 2p on the bamboo raft.

yulong river

Yangshuo Li river 

Bamboo rafts with a engine,perfect for longer parts of the Yangshuo li river.More noise from the engine,but the karst mountains are a bit more impressive at the Li river.Raft of 4/6 people.

li river

Yangshuo caves,silver cave or water cave?

Silver cave offers the best formation of stalactites and stalagmites in the area and is located on 25 km from Yangshuo.Perfect to cool down in summer and warm up in winter.If you could visit one cave in yangshuo it would be silver cave

Entrance fee Silver cave : 65 RMB /Kids below 1.4 m enter for free

Time to visit the cave : 1,5 hr

Yangshuo weather.

Spring : Warm and humid.Spring would be from march to May.Temperature goes 10 degrees to 25 degrees.

Summer : Hot and humid.Summer would be from June to August.Temperature goes to an average of +/- 30 degrees

Autumn : Warm and dry.Autumn is from september to november.The rice fields become golden around october and very pleasant weather during the daytime around 20 degrees and a big drop at night in temperature.

Winter : cold and wet.Winter would be from december to february.Very cold during those months.

Yangshuo best Hotels and Yangshuo resort hotel.

A selection of Yangshuo Hotels and resort hotel,thats fits everybody needs and budget.

Best Price Value hotel in Yangshuo : The Bamboo leaf Yangshuo

Most authentic Location hotel in Yangshuo : Secret garden hotel Yangshuo

Yangshuo luxury hotel : Banyan tree Yangshuo hotel

Design and Architecture LOVER hotel in Yangshuo : Alila Yangshuo hotel

Budget Hotel in Yangshuo: Fawlty tower Yangshuo

Yangshuo boutique hotel.

Yangshuo mountain nest boutique hotel

Yangshuo tea cozy boutique hotel

Yangshuo ancient garden boutique hotel

Yangshuo hostels


Yangshuo Nightlife and Bars : 

Most of Yangshuo Nightlife is situated to Yangshuo West street.Where you can find alot of trendy clubs / bars and overpriced beer,not our cup of tea but definitely worth a visit.Our focus goes more to rooftop bars that offers very good views on Yangshuo beautiful mountains during the daytime and evening .Get a epic photo of Yangshuo karst mountains during the evening / night combined with a refreshing drink or 2 after a long hot day in Yangshuo.

Yangshuo Rooftop bars : 

Bad panda bar :

located on a side street of Yangshuo west street and offers amazing view on yangshuo pretty mountains from the rooftop combined with a cold drink and great barlady / owner Heather guaranteed for a fun evening out at Yangshuo.Say hello to Heather.

yangshuo beautiful mountains

Mojo bar.

Located at the end of Yangshuo west street located on the 3 rd floor of a hotel.The entrance is through the hotel and take the elevator to the top floor to reach Mojo.Mojo offers amazing (hip hop partys) and epic views on yangshuo karst mountain from theyre rooftop / terrace.Say hello to Stussy.

Monkey jane's yangshuo.

Located as Yangshuo west street before mojo bar and is the first rooftop bar at yangshuo.Monkeys jane's yangshuo is the backpackers paradise with cheap beer,beer pong and epic views on yangshuo beautiful mountains.Say hello to Jane.

Demo Bar.

Actually Demo bar is not a rooftop bar but located at the Yangshuo li river and offers epic on yangshuo beautiful montains and li river during the daytime and evening.The hangout bar for laowai / 老外 (chinese for foreigner,you will get to hear this quite often when visiting china) with chinese craft beer and decent pizza.Also offers quiz night and jam sessions during the week.Say hello to Flupke

Yangshuo restaurants :

Yangshuo how to get there ? 

How far is Yangshuo from Guilin ?

Yangshuo from Guilin would be 70 km and time depends on what kinda transportation you take.

Nearest airport would be Guilin airport.

Guilin Liangjiang airport would be the nearest airport and takes +/- 90 minutes ( 80 km) to get to or from Guilin airport to Yangshuo by private car

Nearest train station would be Yangshuo train station.

The nearest train station when travel to Yangshuo would be Yangshuo high speed train station is located in Xingping,yangshuo county.When travel to Yangshuo buy a ticket to Yangshuo train station or Yangshuo high speed train station

From Guilin to Yangshuo the different transportation options would be.

Taxi from Guilin airport to or from Yangshuo 

Takes around +/- 1hr  and costs around 400 RMB.

Bus from guilin airport to yangshuo

There is a express bus that goes From Guilin airport to Yangshuo bus station

Yangshuo from Guilin by local bus

would take +/- 1,5 hr and costs +/- 22 RMB.Yangshuo bus station is located outside Guilin city center.There is a express bus from the old bus station to the new Yangshuo bus station and costs 3 RMB p/p or get bus 99 or 99b from Guilin city center .Dubble check at the bus stop,the timetable and directions are written in english.

Guilin to Yangshuo by high speed train.

Yangshuo train station is located in Xingping Yangshuo county and not in the town of Yangshuo.Yangshuo train station to West street by bus would take +/- 1 hr by express bus between Yangshuo high speed train station to Yangshuo bus station.

Guilin to Yangshuo by boat.

Li river or river li cruise from guilin to yangshuo offers epic views on yangshuo beautiful mountains during a very relaxed li river cruise from li river guilin best parts to li river yangshuo best parts.The li river cruise exists of 3 parts.Guilin,Xingping and Yangshuo.

Where does the Guilin li river cruise starts ?

The li river cruise starts from the south wharf in Guilin city or Bamboo wharf (it takes an hour to get there from Guilin ) and ends in Yangshuo city.The li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo takes +/- 4 to 5 hours and the length is 82 km.Guilin to yangshuo by boat would be the most idealic and romantic way to travel to yangshuo.

Yangshuo to shanghai.


Yangshuo to guangzhou.


Yangshuo to hong kong train.

Yangshuo from hong kong.


Yangshuo 3 day travel itinerary and how many days in yangshuo.

How many days in yangshuo we should spend the spend and what would be the highlights of yangshuo area and what not to miss.Here is our recommended Yangshuo 3 day travel itinerary.

Day 1.

Day 2.

Day 3.

Yangshuo Conclusion.

Yangshuo the best place in China ?

We let you decide that.Definely one of the most beautiful mountains and places in the world and worth a visit when travelling to China.We would recommend a 3 day stay.Yangshuo has alot to offer and combined with night life.ENJOY

Would you like to visit Yangshuo or have visited Yangshuo ?.ANY questions or help,please let us know in the comments below.

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